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2 set 2022
2 set 2022

Tempesta geomagnetica settembre 2022: ecco quando è attesa. Cosa potrebbe provocare

I dati Noaa e le previsioni del fisico solare. Che cos'è la rete Pecasus e quali sono stati gli eventi estremi nella storia

2 set 2022
Illustration of a coronal mass ejection impacting the Earth’s atmosphere. These events, CMEs for short, are powerful releases of solar charged particles (plasma) and magnetic field, travelling on the solar wind. When a CME hits Earth, it can cause a geomagnetic storm which disrupts the planet’s magnetosphere, our radio transmissions and electrical power lines. They can damage artificial satellites and cause long-lasting power outages. Humans in orbit are also very vulnerable to these events, whose high-energy particles are not shield by typical spacecraft. (Photo by MARK GARLICK/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRA / MGA / Science Photo Library via AFP)
Tempesta geomagnetica in arrivo sulla Terra

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